New personalized My Feed Web Part in SharePoint

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By Ragnar Heil

My Feed Web Part in SharePoint Online

You might have heard from your end users or noticed by yourself that visiting certain SharePoint sites frequently doesn’t make much sense because content is not really refreshing. You prefer using Teams to discover brandnew content. Many dynamic SharePoint sites are missing to be dynamic in a true way.

What if you could add a personalized Web Part to SharePoint Online which displays very relevant documents or meetings to you? That’s exactly the use case of the new My Feed Web Part – designed and developed by the FastSearch team in Norway. No brainer for me to use and evaluate it – I joined Microsoft through the acquisition of FastSearch in 2008. My heart is stil beating for search-driven applications like Delve, Project Cortex, SharePoint Syntex, recommended files in or search in Outlook mobile. Excited to see how M365 Search is embedding deeper into each Office Desktop application and Windows 10.

If you also would like to get hands on, then just edit your preferred page (where you have sufficient rights) and add “My Feed” Web Part. You can also choose if you want to add SharePoint News. This is optional because it might be that these news are already populated somewhere else and would be redundant for you.

Adding My Feed Web Part to your site
Adding My Feed Web Part to your site

Now let’s have a look which content types are supported:

  1. Documents (shared with me)
  2. Upcoming/ongoing meeting where I am invited
  3. Meeting recordings of meetings where I was invited
  4. SharePoint News (optional with admin setting)
My Feed Web Part integrated into a SharePoint Page
My Feed Web Part integrated into a SharePoint Page

I really enjoy seeing that this new search-driven experiences doesn’t only show documents which are shared with me but also meetings I still can join or listen on demand to meeting recordings. Good to see that Microsoft is still investing in these kind of Microsoft Graph powered serendipty experiences where I personally benefit a lot – and I hope you too!

Looking forward to see more content types added where informal knowledge meets formal documents ranked by search algorithms according to my interests.


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