The Ins and Outs of Data Governance with Purview Records Management

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By Ragnar Heil

In this episode, MVPs Christian Buckley (@buckleyplanet) and Ragnar Heil (@ragnarh) explore the complexities of managing content in Microsoft 365, from creation and collaboration to publication and retirement. We’ll be joined by Microsoft expert Erica Toelle, who will share her knowledge on utilizing intelligence and out-of-the-box tools to automate lifecycle management, ensuring robust governance, security, compliance, and knowledge management. 

We’ll explore the latest updates in Microsoft Purview to help manage the data lifecycle, including retention, archiving, and deletion strategies for Teams, documents, emails, and sites, and how we can leverage Microsoft Purview to gain visibility, safeguard information, and meet regulatory requirements seamlessly. 

Don’t miss this episode, which is packed with practical insights and actionable steps to enhance your organization’s data governance framework.

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