My Video Live Streaming Setup / Working from Home

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By Ragnar Heil

Since Covid_19 Lockdown I have invested a significant amount of money and time into my working from home and video live streaming setup. I like to talk about these setups, learn from others, get inspirations and share my experiences. Here is my setup:

20220105 171335
Left part of the room
20220105 171138
Right part of the room









Hybrid Whiteboarding Camera:

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6 thoughts on “My Video Live Streaming Setup / Working from Home”

  1. These are the devices and parts I use:
    – Camera 1:
    o Logitech Brio Stream Webcam, 4K Ultra-HD 1080p
    o Mount: Elgato Master Mount + Elgato Flex Arm Extension
    – Camera 2:
    o Sony HDR-CX730 (with IR remote control for motor zoom)
    o HDMI to USB Interface: Elgato Cam Link 4K
    o Mount: HUANUO HNCM9 Single Monitor Stand Desk Mount for 13-32 Inch
    – Microphone 1 (main):
    o Pronomic CM-22 + Spider + Wind Shield
    o Mount: K&M 23860 BK (Microphone desk arm)
    – Microphone 2 (when I work in a standing position):
    o RØDE VideoMic
    o Mount: Gosear 2PCS Clip Pliers and Flexible Articulating Arm (on top of Elgato Flex Arm)
    – Audio Interface (Microphones):
    o MOTU M4 (4-Channel USB C Audio Interface)
    – Key Light:
    o Viltrox VL-200 Wireless Control Bi-color Dimmable LED Video Light
    o Mount: Elgato Master Mount
    – Fill Light:
    o SocialLite Dimmable Bi-color LED Video Light 480 LEDs 3200K-5600K CRI 96+
    o Mount: Elgato Master Mount
    – Green Screen:
    o Heorryn 4-in-1 Greenscreen (150 x 200cm)
    o Green Screen Lightning: Yizhestudio Photography Studio Lighting Kit Bi-color 3200-5500K Studio kits
    – Control Deck:
    o Amazon Fire 7-Tablet
    o Software: Touch Portal


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