Howto install, setup and configure Project Cortex

Howto install, setup and configure Project Syntex

I am very interested in Project Cortex before it was announced at Microsoft Ignite in 2019, we at Quest are preferred chapter partners since the beginning, find more about all Content Services Partners here. So it was a no brainer for me to write about setup process after Jeff Teper has announced that Project Syntex is now general available since October 1st. Find more about renaming in #MSIgnite 2020 sessions. I am going to show you now how you can install Syntex, run through the initial setup and configuration.

Howto add the license

Search for “Syntex” or find it directly in your license catalog within the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. In case you can’t find it, the add-on (5 US$/month but free trial for 25 users and 1 month is also available) can also be found here.

buy or try licenses

Now you can add the Syntex licenses to your users

grafik 1
Howto install, setup and configure Project Syntex 11

You can’t find your license? Syntex is only available in the following regions: Available in APAC, Australia, Canada, EU, JP, LATAM, UK, US

How to setup Project Syntex

in the setup section of your M365 Admin Center you can add “Automate Content understanding” in section “Organizational knowledge” within the Setup.

SharePoint Syntex User License
Howto install, setup and configure Project Syntex 12
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Howto install, setup and configure Project Syntex 13

Now you can choose SharePoint libraries and sites

SharePoint Syntex Setup
Howto install, setup and configure Project Syntex 14

Last step in this setup process is giving your Project Syntex Content Center a name and activate it

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Howto install, setup and configure Project Syntex 15
SharePoint Syntex Content Center
Howto install, setup and configure Project Syntex 16

— – to be continued —--


License Add On with FAQ

Project Syntex is general available

Ignite 2020 Session with Chris McNulty and Naomi Moneypenny

Expertise & Knowledge Networks: Microsoft’s Vision For a Successful Knowledge

my Conference Talks about Syntex and Cortex

MSIgnite Analysis - Knowledge Management, Project Cortex and SharePoint Syntex
Watch this video on YouTube.

6 thoughts on “Howto install, setup and configure Project Syntex”

  1. Avatar of Henrik Mejnhardt Nielsen

    You can buy SharePoint Syntex “per user” as an Add-On, but WHEN do you have to buy it?
    I can find this, but what is the definition of “using the features”:
    – Can one person set it up and the rest of the company use the results without licenses.
    – How do you prevent users from using the features (is it enforced).

    Basically: If you don’t know the cost, you will not buy…

    1. Avatar of Ragnar Heil

      no, Frank, SharePoint Syntex will be available to M365 customers with E3 or E5 licenses for a small per-user uplift

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