Logitech Mevo Cam supports Picture-in-Picture with Multicam App

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By Ragnar Heil

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Today, August 24th 2022, Logitech has released a preview of their Android App for Multicam (iOS App following ASAP) with these new features in V1.5 (328):


Add image or video layers over the primary video to highlight your story. I have seen it is more interesting and engaging if your live stream does not only cover the object but also contains and embeds your face when you report and talk about it.

mevo multicam picture in picture configuration
mevo multicam picture in picture

As you can see, my primary camera is called \”Mevo-29BWC\”. I like the easy way to change my 3 Mevo cams here. Picture-in-Picture can be placed free or with pre-defined coordinates. Stroke color (in my case a blue circle around my face) can be set as well as stroke strength.

These ratio aspects are available:

  • Square
  • Circle
  • Portrait
  • Landscape

Reorder your camera and graphic inputs

Tap the 3-dot menu on a camera or graphic tile and drag to rearrange.

Battery indicator

The camera tile now includes a battery level view and if the camera is actively powered.

You can see in my screenshots above the current battery level. What a helpful feature!


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