My most useful Business Devices in 2018

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By Ragnar Heil

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I love Tech Gadgets, I really enjoy increase my Productivity with new technical helpers and review them. But: Are all tested and purchased devices useful and gonna survive in my personal 2019? Let`s see what I really use on a daily basis and wrap up 2018:

my Desktop

Laptop / PC

I am using two devices every day: My Surface Book 2 (company device) and Surface Laptop (I have bought it). Both devices are company registered (by Microsoft Intune), use Office 365 and Windows 10 (Insider!) and I pick them depending in which floor in my house I am working. Surface Book is great for customer and partner meetings, I can take off the display and use it as tablet with its pen. Its going to reduce a wall between me and the conversation partner. Never seen such a strong battery in my life. Lasts one full business day. Game changer.
If I don
t want to use a Headset (or they are just in my Gym Bag or Jacket), I use Jabra Speak 710 for all of my audio-calls (Bluetooth and USB support). It also does a pretty good job when listening to music. Sennheiser SP 220 is another very high quality portable speaker phone which can also can be paired to stereo and larger rooms but Bluettooth is currently missing. Havent tried <a href="">Plantronics Calisto 7200 </a>but it seems to have good capabilities to switch between headset and Speaker.
Video Call? Still doing too less Video Conferences, need to increase it but don
t want to push my conversation partners too hard. How do you increase it? Please leave a comment. Logitech Meetup is best in class for my small home office room. Read more here. Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard also powers my Desktop PC and 2 other SmartPhones can be connected. Nice!


Only one SmartPhone used: Android based Huawei Mate 20 Pro with 3 Leica Cameras. Perfect device for Photo Geeks like me which need ultra wide angle and also ultra zoom. Battery Power is very impressive. At the end of a long day still get 60% battery.


one of my favourite topics as you might know

  • Gym, Beach & Sports:
    Plantronics BackBeat Fit 3100 has proven to be the most robust Headset which is nearly impossible to drop off my ears. Although I enjoy Earbuds a lot but for special use cases in the Gym like Weight Lifting or relaxing with music in a Jacuzzi after workout this is my recommendation. IP57 standard means that it can be taken under water for 30 minutes (max 1 meter). Maybe your need headset for the beach?
  • Conference Calls with Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Webex from everywhere?
    Finally my beloved form factor called EarBud got certified for these conference tools and therefore Jabra Evolve 65t is my daily driver. If you can`t use a Bluetooth connection it is also offering a USB Dongle for free. It offers 4 microphones and sound quality is excellent to enjoy music.
  • Reduce Background Noise in Planes and Trains
    Although I was tempted to look into latest Bose and Sony WH-1000XM3 Headsets I am still very happy with my Sennheiser MB 660. Awesome quality which can be expected by Sennheiser and their price tags, very reliable and useful device to reduce background noise in loud offices or planes. 30 hours journey to Melbourne? Not an issue for Sennheiser. My family was extremely glad that I shared my Plantronics BackBeat Pro2 and Jabra Evolve 80 with them. Very precious to have a happy family on such a long flight, also in our California/Nevada/Utah Trip this summer.


my Michael Kors Android Wear Watch is not my daily watch anymore, too many issues with pairing and battery doesnt last for a very long business day. I was surprised that my <a href="">YouTube Video</a> got 130.000 views. Nevertheless I see the value in many applications, especially when traveling (real time notifications about gate changes and delays) or in meetings when you dont want to touch your mobile every few minutes.
I am using mostly a FitBit Versa with outstanding capabilities to track exercises (also swimming) and sleep. Battery lasts for 5 days and now I have also activated FitBit Pay for payments without phone and credit card. Need to convince my Swimming Pool Kiosk to support it


Still using an older iPad Air 10 inch (WLAN) and also an 8 inch Xiaomi MiPad (LTE). Main use cases are reading online magazines with my Readly Subscription. Also helpful to dig deeper into Salesforce Reports or Excel Sheets, tweek PowerPoint Slides where my SmartPhone is limited and I dont want to open my Laptop. And yes, Netflix works great on a tablet.
<h1>Voice Assistant</h1>
I don
t know many people who bought 4 Alexa devices like I did. Finally Alexa Show 2 checks all boxes in WAF (wife acceptance factor). My better side uses it to stream Spotify and my K3 watches Disney Movies. Sound (especially Bass) and Display Size have improved massively in this 2nd Generation. Alexa Plus 3. Generation is standing next to my bed. I hate to jump out of my bed after wakening up, so I enjoy to hear my custom news compilation by say “Alexa, Good Morning!”. Spotify and Audible are main use cases. Measuring room temperature is reliable but needs to be part of a more advanced SmartHome Workflow. Future Project for 2019!

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