VEED Captions for iOS: Create Video Transcriptions on the go for TikTok, Instagram and YouTube

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By Ragnar Heil

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As promised, I am continuing my blog series about VEED.IO, a SAAS and Browser based Video Editing Tools which also provides Live Streaming capabilities. Now they offered me a test flight / preview of their iOS mobile App (iPhone but also works on my iPad) which can record a new video / upload existing video and creating captions and transcriptions. Very helpful and usually needed for inclusion and larger engagement at TikTok, Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, LinkedIn etc pp.

Note: I am using version 1.1 (30) which is going to change in the future, also my screenshots are going to look different soon.

Record new video or upload existing video

Straight forward and easy first step:

img 0336 1

Choose transcription language after selecting video

I ran my tests with Videos in English (US), German (Germany) and Spanish (Spain):

img 0347

Currently, transcription of videos in Spanish (all countries) is not supported if > 1 minute. In my tests the transcription quality was very high, > 90% of words were correct and I was usually technical language of my day job at Quest Software where it is all about Microsoft, Migrations and Security. I had to edit a few sentences where \”AD\” was transcribed to \”80\” but most of all technical terms like Cybersecurity, Migrations, Active Directory have received correct transcriptions. Same for my German video of HOBE Guidance where we talked about Hybrid Events.

img 0349

Format your captions in different styles

Currently, you can choose between 6 different styles of captions and positions

img 0350 1

Format and frame your video

you can choose between

  • Original
  • Portrait
  • Landscape
  • Square
img 0351 e1661587943273

Share your video

Sharing does not offer publishing and distribution capabilities directly to your TikTok, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, Microsoft Viva Engage (that would be huge!) Social Media Channels. It utilizes the out-of-the-box sharing feature of iOS where you upload to Cloud Storage, send emails and much more

My verdict

Thank you to the VEED team for inviting me to this preview! It works stable and flawless and the alerts I have received are clear and easy to understand (\”videos in Spanish longer than 1 minutes are not supported yet\”.).

This iOS App helps me to speed up and simplify my content creation workflow. Let\’s wait for Android App and see if the VEED Teams is continuing to build separate Apps or if they are going to move everything into their Browser based studio. I don\’t mind using a separate and dedicated App for a use case like content transcriptions and production of video captions. Integration into their main App needs to be improved, which currently not exist. But as mentioned, this is an early version of VEED Captions.

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