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January 2019 SharePoint Modernization News

Lots of exciting news announced for February / March Release Dates here

Now it`s possible to do bulk checkins/checkouts in a SharePoint Library


I have done a lot of GDPR Webinars and Conference Speeches last 2 years and therefore I am excited to see that Microsoft is not only investing into backend (Machine Learning / AI) capabilities like DLP and Data Governance but also includes relevant Compliance Status information into front ends like SharePoint Document Libraries. Hopefully we are also going to see a Microsoft Flow integration here. More and more signals are going to be added, also in OneDrive, Microsoft Teams and Office Apps.

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Custom Views in Lists and Columns are now able to calculate (e.g. totals) and are not longer only limited to classic SharePoint experience but also in Modern Lists and Modern Web Parts.


Adding Columns in between columns and also drag`n´drop columns is possible


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