Review of iHealth Wave Fitness, Sleep and Swimming Tracker

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By Ragnar Heil

After my MOOV died I noticed that I am not so motivated anymore to do long swims and keep it as my weekly practise. So my search for a new fitness device started again and I found the iHealth Wave which costs officially 79,95 € but I got it for 66,95€.

The mirror-effect dial bracelet comes with 2 plastic bracelet colours included black and blue and is light to wear.

Data is synchronized with iHealth MyVitals app on iOS and Android and it worked stable. Installation and setup over Bluetooth was easy. I had one issue with synchronization of my Swimming results and could fix it by closing all Android Apps using a Task Manager.

Battery Life is around 2 weeks and the complete watch and especially the display (which doesn`t look like 2016 state of the art) is made for optimized battery usage. Display is black most of the time, you need to wake it up my moving wrist down. No buttons are there to navigate through your sport results, you just move the wrist.

I am going to show why this is a good tracker for walking, running, swimming, measuring sleep and swimming but not a fashion device you want to wear everyday.


Compared to the MOOV I really like that I can see my current swimming time and achievement in percentage. I set my goal to 30 Minutes and know when I have reached it. Nevertheless I am missing information about the distance (e.g. 1000 m). I was impressed that tracking of my swimming started immediately after I jumped into the pool, no need to start an App.

Results are categorized in 3 different Swimming Styles: Breast, Back and Freestyle. My two swimming sessions in one morning are separated and I can see the amount of strokes, strokes per minute, amount of laps and burned calories. On the bottom I can see my achievement: I have reached 100% of my goal (30 minutes of Swimming). As mentioned before, complete distance (1000m) is not visible


Walking and Running

Other activities like walking are of course also measured, I can see here that I walked 3.75km and burned 302 KCalories when doing 4224 steps. Heartrate is not measured and there is no Audio Coach  which tells you more about your progress while running.


iHealth App provides a summary my sleep, steps and swimming activies in a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly view. I can also connect the App to other devices from iHealth like a Scales, Bloodpressure Monitors or Glucometers.


My sleep was recognized immediately, no need to start counting or trigger an App. Visualizing of values is quite simple, not too many insights into my sleep pattern but useful. Vibrating alarm is an additional feature which I like although I felt asleep again and this second short sleep wasn`t measured. Nice for the weekend, I would not use it if I have to get up very early to catch a plane.



iHealth Wave is a basic fitness tracker which offers a great price-performance-ratio. It´s one of the very few fitness trackers which is not only water proof but also offers detailed insights into your swimming performance. It sends out alert if you haven`t move for a predefined time which is useful for Information Worker.  I have seen more details analytics in gadgets like MOOV but I am missing visual information on the display there. It`s not a very stylish device which you would wear in the office or at a party but does a great job for tracking your walks, runs, swims and sleep with an impressive battery performance.

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