IFA 2017: my Product Highlights of the Consumer Electronics Fair

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By Ragnar Heil

Yesterday I have visited IFA Fair in Berlin with my son and good friends and want to share my personal highlights:


I haven`t visited the leading Games Conference GamesCom last week, so I took the opportunity and played a few new Games for the new XBOX X coming out this fall.
Mixed Reality was also a big thing on their booth, lots of devices like Hololens and new glasses from HP, Acer, Dell and Lenovo were available for advanced Augmented and Mixed Reality Experiences. At IFA Release Date of Windows 10 Fall Creator Update was announced: 17.10.2017.




Brandnew Flagship SmartPhone S8 Note (6.3 inch) was presented everywhere at their Booth and I enjoyed the presentation and hands-on-experience where I could figure out the difference to S8 (6.2 inch). New dual cam offers optical stabilization and \”live focus\” mode: I can I charge sharpness later, an easy way to get nice Bokeh Photo effects. Interesting to upsell Dex Docking Station to replace a Laptop in certain situations and use cases by connecting to a Monitor/TV. Different aspect I wasn`t aware that the photo search capabilities are so strong. Shoot a photo of an item and search directly on Amazon. Make a photo of a sightseeing attraction and get restaurant recommendations close by. Nevertheless it\’s disappointing to see that battery power went down from 3500 to 3300 mAh.

New Gear Sport Smartwatch was announced and is going to be available in October for around 360€. Strong \”wanna-have-factor\” because it`s a feature rich and battery might last up to 4 days. Now it can finally connect to iOS and non-Samsung Androids. Also water resistant down to 50m (5 ATM), includes Weight management and Nutrient balance features. Swim Laps can be tracked now as well. Download your Spotify Playlist directly to the Smartwatch and leave your SmartPhone at home when running!\"samsung


Already announced at MWC in March 2017 at Barcelona, Sony Xperia Touch Projector isn`t very new but I have never seen and heard of it before. It can project an embedded Android System to your wall or table. Just touch on your table and use your favorite applications in the most manual way. Great for cooking scenarios when you want to scroll through your recipe and don`t want to touch your SmartPhone. Excellent use cases also around co-gaming experiences. Unfortunately price is around 1500€.

We have also experienced a prototype of a full-blown living room projection solution which includes a Hifi System. It has got the form factor of a wooden sideboard and can not only display movies, it also wants to enable a new reading experience on the wall where you can choose between hundreds of books. Quite innovative but here we first have to invent the cultural habit of reading together. Another use case is to have photo slideshows and a personalized desktop. Sony is still trying hard to play a role in the content and entertainment world (main competitor: Amazon) of your living room which is not limited to a Playstation.


Sony had invented the mobile music experience in my 80`s and wants to make sure that they are still providing the best sound experience. Their new flagship Walkman NW-ZK300 starts at 699€ and can go up to 3500€. Sony\’s S-Master HX digital amplifier capable of delivering high resolution audio from native 32-bit 384 kHz PCM music files, including the MQA format for streaming. The device will also support wireless output through Qualcomm aptX HD audio and Sony\’s LDAC codec. This walkman will feature 64GB storage and touts 30-hours of playback on a single charge. Sony has shown how to lead by producing reference ingredients and chips into this high class music player. Now I am waiting to find out which music streaming subscription services offers HiRes music.



Logitech had added a new touch-sensitive control called \”Crown\” to their new keyboard \”Craft\” to improve workflows and make people more creative and productive. It supports a few major Applications like Spotify, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Lightroom as well as Office PowerPoint, Word and Excel. So you can move your Excel Chart around with your mouse and use the crown to change look`n`feel of the chart at same time.



Miele proudly presented a world innovation: Dialog Oven (\”Dialoggarer\”) with \”revolutionary\” M Chef Technology. It should create completely new and innovative dishes like cooking a fish in ice or veal tenderloin in beeswax without melting ice or wax. Less fancy and very daily use case: Preparing different dishes and ingredients simultaneously. It`s easy to understand that not all ingredients need same time and level of heating energy. I have tried Pulled Pork at their booth and it was prepared within 2,5h instead of 9h. So it can save time but keep in mind that the Dialog Oven has got a price tag of 7990€.


Fossil + Michael Kors Smartwatch

At my first comparison between Fossil Q Explorist (299€) and Michael Kors Grayson (369€) (both running with new Android Wear 2.0, latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 processor and improved battery life up) I was sure that I might pick the Fossil (in my hand) because I couldn`t spot the main difference, technical specs are equal. Both Smartwatches don`t measure heartbeat and track GPS, also NFC chip is missing for new ways of wallet-free shopping experiences.



Back at Home I have seen that Michael Kors also offers a beautiful Blue One. Very strong wanna-have factor!

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