EPOS H3Pro Hybrid Gaming Headset Review: Are ANC and Noise-Canceling helpful for business?

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By Ragnar Heil

Usually I am reviewing Business and Enterprise Headsets which are certified for Microsoft Teams. But trustful Headset Reviewers like Thomas Birkner told me that this new Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Headset from EPOS called H3Pro Hybrid offers excellent microphone quality and background noise reduction, he got my full attention and EPOS sent me a test sample and I want to share my impressions in this unpaid review. Target group for this headsets are online gamers, so I also asked my son to share his feedback:

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Bestes Gaming Headset in 2022? EPOS H3Pro Hybrid Review Test

Who is the EPOS H3PRO Hybrid for?

Gamers looking for a device that works with every platform will find countless ways to use the H3PRO Hybrid. If you\’re looking for a good pair of headphones that can also double as a regular pair, then you should seriously consider this versatile headset because you can connect with Bluetooth, 3,5 mm Audio Jack and USB Dongle. Playing Nintendo Switch with H3Pro and talking over your phone, connected as well with H3Pro? No problem at all! For at-home workers who need a comfortable headset for their endless Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet calls, EPOS has a good option here.

ANC / Active Noise Canceling Performance

ANC (active noise cancellation) in a gaming headset is rare, but it\’s definitely welcomed. Compared to other big name Bluetooth headphones like Sony WH-1000XM series and BOSE in general, the EPOS H3PRO hybrid doesn\’t have incredible best-in-class ANC (active noise cancellation) performance but I like it for my business calls because I don\’t feel being \”under water\”. With a closed over-ear design, the EPOS dampens ambient noise about 30 decibels and with ANC activated, you get about an additional 15 DBs.

Microphone quality – with or without boom arm

I was suprised how well background noises like barking dogs, coffee grinders or kid watching TV in the background were isolated and reduced. Mic boom can be easily removed to look less like a gaming headset, but the headset will still use a secondary mic on the ear cup – take care, it picks up more background noise.


EPOS H3Pro Hybrid is quite an expensive headphone, but they will likely work on any device you own, sometimes more than one at a time and if you also care about extra-long battery life and excellent microphone and background noise reduction, then you won\’t be disappointed.

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