Easily reduce reverberation and background noise with new Descript Studio Sound

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By Ragnar Heil

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I am using Descript (a SaaS Transcription Tool by Andrew Mason (Ex-CEO of Groupon) and its team) to edit my podcasts and videos. No need to cut within audio waves, with Descript I can easily clean parts directly in text mode. Saves me times and improves quality because I am reducing filler words, ummh and ähms.

Now Studio Sound (in Beta) isolates and enhances speaking voices, while reducing everything else. According to Descript, most other noise reduction tools are subtractive, meaning they reduce your voice along with everything else, which often leaves you sounding tinny, or hollow. Let`s find out in my video if Studio Sound offers a noise reduction that also elevates your speakers’ voices – using AI. There are many other solutions on the market which also offer noise reduction but here you don\’t need special hardware (like Headset Poly Voyager Focus 2). graphic cards like NVIDIA RTX) – which is very helpful when your podcast or video guests records under minor conditions

How to reduce reverberation + background noise in Podcasts and Videos with Descript Studio Sound

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