Klipsch T5 II ANC True Wireless In-Ear Buds announced

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By Ragnar Heil

I enjoy using wireless In-Ear Buds a lot and observe the market regulary. I don\’t blog about every announcement and release, too many In-Ear Buds are filling the saturated market. So why I am I writing about Klipsch and their announcement today of the new True Wireless In-Ear Buds called \”T5 II ANC\”?

klipsch t5 ii anc mclaren edition 5
Klipsch T5 II ANC McLaren Edition


According to Klipsch, \”T5 II True Wireless ANC is the world’s first True Wireless headphone integrated with Dirac® HD Sound, a state-of-the-art digital audio performance enhancement technology that optimizes the T5’s sound signature by correcting impulse and magnitude frequency response\”. This technology would improve music staging, clarity, voice intelligibility, and bass fidelity – and still allow personal sound customizations. No simple EQ effects which only masks poor quality.

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ideal frequency response curve should be flat, meaning the entire range of frequencies, from lowest to highest, accurately represent the input signal

Can\’t wait to test it when samples arrive late August / early September.

BRAGI Integration

I haven\’t heard of Bragi a lot in recent years. A new built-in Bragi operating system with embedded AI allows hands-free and advanced gesture-controlled experiences. That\’s neat!


  • T5 II True Wireless ANC: 349,00 €
  • T5 II True Wireless ANC McLaren Edition: 439,00 €


6 beamforming microphones offer integration noise suppression and should also enhance voice clarity


T5 II True Wireless ANC provides 7 hours of battery life on a single charge (5 hours w/ ANC) and up to 21 additional hours with the charging case (15 hours w/ ANC) according to Klipsch. Charge wirelessly using any Qi-compatible charging pad or use the included USB-C cable. NuCurrent wireless charging capability will charge twice as fast as anything else on the market -that looks promising indeed.

t5 ii anc mclaren edition
Klipsch T5 II ANC McLaren Edition


klipsch t5 ii anc specifications

Wrap up

These new In-Ear Buds seem to offer a very complete set of capabilities which we expect in 2021 from Premium priced True Wireless Headsets:

  • Long battery life
  • quick charging
  • ANC
  • Noise reduction
  • excellent microphone quality
  • Bluetooth 5
  • sweat resistance
  • transparency mode
  • Digital Assistants like Google Now, Alexa, Siri

This market is saturated and very competitive. Let see and check with our following review if Klipsch\’s interesting move to include Bragi gesture and hands-free controls as well as Dirac HD Sound – USPs which should offer true extra value.

UPDATE with Live Test Video:

Beginning of September 2021 I have received a test sample from Klipsch Press Agency rtfm, now I could create an unpaid and not sponsored video. Enjoy!

Klipsch T5 II ANC True Wireless In-Ear Buds: Live Demo and Call Quality Test (Microsoft Teams)

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