Nura NuraTrue True Wireless In-Ear Buds Video Review / Call Quality Test

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By Ragnar Heil

Tough decision: Brandnew Nura NuraTrue True Wireless In-Ear Buds just arrived, they sound amazing and probably best in-class for 2021 with impressive detail richness and wide sound stage. But when you hear the Voice samples from Microsoft Teams and Zoom Meetings. I am not convinced anymore if they are still leading.

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Nura NuraTrue True Wireless In-Ear Buds: Review and Call Quality Tests (Microsoft Teams + Zoom)

Video Transcription

Hello, welcome to my channel. Today I\’m going to show you in detail the new Nura NuraTrue True wireless In-Ear Buds. That\’s how they look like. I will show you all the strengths and goodness, but also what I\’m considering to give them back. Stay tuned.

Pricing is tuned in 229 euros, that\’s what I\’ve paid. They offer and promise an immersive bass experience. That is true, there\’s a special fader where I can move the immersion experience. But what are the main disadvantages, what I\’m going to cover here is that if I go into the full immersive experience fader, then the bass has got too much distortion. So that\’s a big disadvantage. Not every kind of percussion instrument, but I was listening to a few songs, or sometimes the drums or other kind of percussion instruments. And that\’s something that I didn\’t like. So that\’s my reason number one, why I\’m considering to send them back. Active Noise Cancelling, that\’s actually pretty good. It\’s maybe not the top class here. So I think they\’re not on the same level, like a Bose or a Sony. I didn\’t went on a plane in the last days, so couldn\’t test it here. But that sounds to be quite good. You get into the social mode, and you can hear people talking. So it\’s a way how you can easily talk to people when typing the social mode. touch buttons are customizable, so they are the left and right obviously another on the left currently my device my earbuds customized to accept calls and to change the loudness to change the volume. Also, to skip songs, and to activate the personal assistant, like Siri or Google Assistant. So that\’s something which usually in ear buds offer, so nothing very special, but it works fine. And it\’s easy to configure in the mobile app, which is available on iOS. And on Android. Sweart resistance here we only see IPX4, which is good. So if you are using them in the gym, works fine. They can handle sweat, maybe if you also get a little rain shower or shower, they should survive. Or there others which are more designed for longer rains maybe. But for me, this is something what is fine. Battery life 24 hours. Well, they are here in the lower class. So I would say that others like the Jabra Elite 85t they\’re covering 31 hours, Apple Airpods Pro, they are around 24 hours and the Cambridge Audio multimedia touch offer 50. So within 24 hours, they are definitely in the lower range. They also promise here quick charging, that something what it didn\’t test. So I was using the USB-C cable to charge. And there is a special fit detection. So here you get a different kind of, of, of silicon gels and you also get forming stuff and wings so that it makes sure definitely fits into yours very well, because the sealing is very important. If they seal well, then the audio stereo experience is much, much better. So make sure please, to test all the different ways how you can change them. Now let\’s come to the most important aspect of this in ear buds personalized sound. Yes, that is truly very, very impressive. So before you can use them before you can start using them, you definitely have to go through the whole experience, which is like 4-5 minutes. And then it walks you through a process where your ear channels are measured. And then you have to do anything to just stay there and be quiet and be silent. After five minutes, everything is measured. And it\’s customized and personalized to your special ears. So that is a USP I\’ve never seen I\’ve tested have also other personalized earphones like from Beyerdynamics that I make and others where they\’re also measuring ears. But here it is measuring without feedback so you don\’t have to click when you hear a sound and then you don\’t have let go when the zone is over. It\’s without your feedback. It\’s impressive. And I have seen I\’ve heard, it definitely sounds better. Using the personalized sound experience. It sounds better. If I would be very evil and bad, I would say that you can do enrich the same using very good equalizer using loudness features. But these earbuds they sound really, really, really good. So from the sound music experience, and listen to many audiophile songs, and they\’re the best in earbuds which I\’ve ever heard in my whole life, so they are really premium. So what\’s now the reason why I\’m considering to send them back, it is because of this distortion, using or hearing percussion songs, but also are not happy with a call quality. And that\’s something what I would like to cover with you now and show you that you can hear how the voice and audio and microphone quality sounds like using a Microsoft Teams call using a zoom call.

So hey, now I\’m using Microsoft Teams together with the Nura for launch road in wireless in earbuds. Please let me know if you are happy, confident and curious about the microphone quality using Microsoft Teams.

Okay, now we\’re using zoom and recording within graph one launch road in your wireless spots.

Let\’s wrap up and summarize. Battery life six hours per charge 24 hours in general is average. If you go to read it if you read some reviews, you will find out that people are not happy with their volume and the loudness. So here I\’ve got good news to share. Last Friday, they rolled out a new firmware update for the awful and finally it\’s increased by 6 DB which is a great improvement. The app is simple it does what it does but if you look before more fancy app with more features you rather look for job offers zoning. For me the form factor is a little bit too bulky, so I prefer definitely smaller ones. On the blue side, the pairing is very stable work and five, six different devices reliable but only Bluetooth five to zero, and other latest five or two. on the correct side. APTx is a pilot and also high resolution codec for iOS. Personally for sports apparel uncomfortable, but as I said, a little bit too large. But the most impressive thing is definitely the personalized music experience. We go through the old tuning process, and then just listening. They really sound perfect. They have a very broad, wide impressive soundstage. So I\’ve never heard in the earbuds with such a wide stage. So that\’s definitely the killer criterium, most important feature. That\’s definitely best in class. AMC is good, definitely. And also like the customer controls to change volume and to skip music tracks, go to the personal assistants and so on. So to summarize, it\’s on the pricing side, higher average, so 229 EUR not the most expensive ones, but perform quite hefty pricing. But then on the perfect earbuds for everybody. So you definitely have to they\’re very close and shop to find out if they fit to your needs. Thanks so far. See you next time. Thanks for watching.

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