NDI HX Camera App for Android released

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By Ragnar Heil

Have you already used NDI Protocol in your video recording tool like OBS or video live streaming environment? Maybe you have seen that Microsoft Teams is now also offering NDI support, find a list of Top Use cases here

In case you are using Android on your Smartphone or Tablet, you might have heard that NewTek is only offering NDI Mobile Apps for iOS. That\’s now history, they have released an official App for Android now.

Yes, with 20,99 EUR it is the most expensive mobile App I have ever purchased but it worked seemless on my Samsung S20+ as you can see below (where I have also added a Microsoft Teams Meeting):

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OBS with NDI HX Camera and Microsoft Teams

Features and Support

Basic Features
• Easy to use
• Front/rear camera selection
• Auto Focus, AF Lock, or tap to focus
• Auto Exposure, AE Lock
• Manual exposure compensation
• Light on/off (on supporting devices)
• Audio mute
• Optional grid overlay

Advanced Features
• HI Bandwidth (up to 4K), medium (up to 1080p) and standard (640×480) modes
• Simple pinch zooming
• Automatic NDI device recognition
• Connection notification and tally (on air/preview) displays

NDI Forums

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NDI HX Android App

Which Use Cases am I going to prefer in my daily life?

  1. Add more cameras to my Microsoft Teams Calls like full-room, close up face cams, whiteboard cams
  2. Add my SmartPhone to my video recording setup without need to use 3rd Party tools like OBS.Ninja (which are great). Delay is going to optimize inside of OBS using special delay video filter (500 ms)
  3. Add wireless camera to our church video stream. I need to test this case but I hope to get a stable 100-150m connection between my Samsung S20+ SmartPhone which is located in the front/head of the church and connected to my OBS cableless streaming setup located upstairs at the organ.

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