My favorite IT Tech Devices for Flexible Work in 2023

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By Ragnar Heil

28th December 2023 is a good time to recap my Year in Tech and share which devices made it to my “Daily Driver” list. Obviously not every gadget or hardware device I own, got or bought made it to this list and used every day in my hybrid work / flexible work life style. Let`s get started – and don’t forget to share yours in the comments!


Cherry KW X ULP surprised me with its insane battery duration (I have charged in twice in 5 month). This mechanical keyboard with ultra low profile switches connects to my devices via Bluetooth, USB Cable and USB-A dongle which makes it a very versatile keyboard for me. Zero pairing issues (4 devices multi-point support!), it is always “present” and typing feels just excellent, precise and comfortable. I use special keyboard buttons (customized with Cherry Keys App) to run Windows 11 Copilot – a special Hack because this Copilot is not available in the EU yet (officially). I gave my smaller Cherry KW 9200 Mini Keyboard to my son who moved to Berlin and uses it in his apartment, university, and on the go.


Still can’t explain if I like the Logitech MX Master 3s or MX Vertical more. Both are just excellent!


When I changed my employer, I gave back Dell Latitude Laptop and went to Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro (got it from Rencore) and use Macbook Pro with M2 in parallel. Would take too long to explain the differences. Both are best Laptops I ever had


Haven’t used my Xiaomi Redmi 11 since March because I started a new job with many travels (46 cities, 14 countries including vacation) and eSIM is not supported. I am using Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Google Pixel 8 Pro parallel now. I purchased Google Pixel 8 Pro because of its unique AI integration (Google Assistant with Bard, advanced AI photo and video editing) and got a new Pixel Watch 2 for free. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 changed my reading experience, I use my Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra less because it is so comfortable to read long articles and eBooks. When using it in DEX mode and connecting to a screen, I don’t need to travel anymore with a Laptop or Tablet. Only disadvantage is that the battery life is not as good as a Samsung S22/S23 Ultra, and it also does not have same best-in-class lenses.


No changes in 2023, still using Samsung Tab S8 Ultra. It fell into water but within few days and price upgrade I got it repaired by excellent Samsung Service.


Parallel usage of Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro and Google Pixel Watch 2, depending on the phone. Both look very different but I like both styles. Very reliable devices, but Samsung offers much better Microsoft 365 integration like Outlook Emails and Calendar. Google Pixel Watch 2 can shine with its Fitbit Premium capabilities, which offer very interesting and new insights for me. Will they change my daily workout and sports habits? Not sure, maybe I cancel the subscription after 6-month trial.

True-Wireless In-Ear Buds

Clear Favorite here: Jabra Elite 10. Best in class haptics, sound, and form factor for me. Very reliable multi-point Bluetooth connection everywhere I need it. I am not so impressed with new Dolby Atmos Support, no extra value for me when listening to music or podcasts. I don’t watch a lot of Action or SciFi movies where it might be an immersive experience.

Wireless Over-ear headset with ANC for traveling

Very easy choice: Sennheiser Momentum 4, my favorite since 2022. Very reliable, has crazy high battery life, comfortable for very long flights and Active Noise Canceling blocks most of background sound. I only use them for traveling in planes and trains, not in my daily meetings.

On-Ear Headset for my Desk

EPOS SDW 5014: always charged, always working, very long distance with DECT (until end of my garden, although the basis is located on my 1st floor), clear microphone quality, and suppresses background noise very well.


Jabra Speak2 75 is my choice when traveling. When listening to music in my garden I prefer stereo-paired Beyerdynamics Space Max which blew me away when I got them. On my desk I use the larger and wired EPOS Expand 80t


OBSBot Tiny2 4k entered my desk and never left it. Crystal Clear 4k resolution, a very rich App and I enjoy the tracking capabilities and presets for different framing positions. I receive a lot of comments about which Webcam I am using. Haven’t used my Full Frame camera for Meetings and Video Conferences since it arrived.

Full Frame Camera

Sony Alpha 7 IV with 3 lenses (28-70 mm Kit, Samyang 135 f1.8 and Viltrox 50mm f1.6). What should I say: I am in love with photography again!

Action Camera

GoPro 12 Black is my daily driver and is always in my pocket when traveling. Very robust, high quality, very reliable, now supports Bluetooth headsets and HDR.


ICY BOX USB-C 12-to-1 makes a huge difference because I can connect my Tablet on a conference fair to the booth screen and still charge it. When not traveling I use Logitech Logi Dock a lot which includes an excellent SpeakerPhone

Microphone with/out Digital Audio Converter

When in need of a quick and easy setup, I pick Cherry UM 9.0 and plug it into my Laptop or Desktop using USB-A. No additional software or drivers are needed. I also enjoy the Logitech Blue Sona dynamic XLR Microphone a lot – connected with Focusrite Vocaster One. Many options for changing the tonality of my voice (I prefer boosted radio voice). I connect Focusrite with IEMs like Sennheiser IE 100 Pro


No changes this year. Logitech Litra Glow LED on top of my monitor for easy ad-hoc usage and soft boxes behind my desk

Find also many video reviews of the mentioned products on my YouTube Channel and reviews here on my Blog.

Have a wonderful, healthy, and successful 2024 – and don’t forget to share your device favorites of 2023!

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