Navigating the Future of AI in M365 Governance: Insights from Joanne Klein & David Drever

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By Ragnar Heil

First Premiere Show starts January 17th at 4pm CET

Guardians of M365 Governance Show #1 about Governance AI with MVPs Joanne Klein & David Drever

Navigating the Future of AI in M365 Governance: Insights from Compliance Unplugged”

Microsoft RD and MVPs Christian Buckley and Ragnar Heil are interviewing Joanne and David, here are main questions and topics:

  • What are the challenges of case management in records management, particularly with Microsoft Purview?
  • What key strategies should businesses adopt to integrate case management within their records management systems effectively?
  • What are the most significant gaps in Microsoft Purview Compliance and what are recommendations for organizations to bridge these gaps?
  • The importance of backend automation for event triggers in Microsoft 365 is increasing. What are practical examples of HR systems?
  • What advice do we give to smaller organizations with limited IT resources?
  • How is “Compliance Unplugged Podcast” evolving in 2024? Which specific areas of M365 governance that you’re particularly excited to explore?
  • What is the role of employee training and awareness in strengthening M365 governance, especially in the context of new technologies like AI and machine learning?
  • How can AI and Copilot help us in this journey and challenges?

Key Takeaways about AI Governance with Purview

  • The new show, Guardians of Microsoft 365 Governance, aims to provide the latest news and insights on governance within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.
  • Special guests Joanne Klein and David Drever discuss the challenges and strategies for integrating case management within records management systems using Microsoft Purview.
  • Gaps in Microsoft Purview include gaps with available tooling to customize and build processes, as well as functionality that is not available.
  • Backend automation plays a crucial role in event triggers, such as HR system integration and employee offboarding, and the potential of Co-Pilot to increase adoption and understanding for end users.
  • Co-Pilot can automate tasks previously reliant on manual input, but its capabilities are limited in terms of content recognition and understanding.
  • Small businesses with limited IT resources can use AI tools like Purview and Co-Pilot to manage data retention effectively.
  • The Compliance Unplugged podcast aims to provide practical insights and solutions to common compliance and governance challenges.
  • Automation and end-user-facing controls are expected to be key in improving compliance posture.
  • The term store in compliance and governance allows organizations to map documents to record plans and automatically apply labels.
  • The hosts discuss upcoming episodes, the MVP Summit, and provide contact information for further engagement.

Q: How can AI help smaller companies overwhelmed with data management?

A: I think licensing, copilot licensing, Purview, and advanced compliance licensing are your friends in that space. You simply can’t manage this if you’re regulated without some of those extra tools.

Q: What is the vision for the future of compliance and governance in this rapidly expanding, evolving landscape?

A: I would like to think that a company has a persona. So you’re in a particular industry, you’re of a particular size, you’re in a particular geo region. All of those factors kind of come into play, and the compliance manager does this to a degree. This is what we need to be compliant with.

Q: What is the role of the term store in compliance and governance?

A: The term store is a key component of compliance and governance. It allows organizations to map documents to record plans and automatically apply labels, which helps to improve compliance posture.

Q: What are the significant gaps in Microsoft Purview that organizations need to prepare for?

A: There are two types of gaps in Microsoft Purview. The first type is where the feature is not built into the service itself, but Microsoft provides tooling to customize and build your process around it. The second type is where the feature is not there, such as the file plan for records not stored in M365.

Q: What are some key strategies businesses should adopt to integrate case management effectively into their records management systems?

A: There are a couple of things. As we mentioned in our podcast, Microsoft Purview handles case management through event-based retention. And so being able to automate some of the process. I’ve worked with other organizations where we implemented Power Automate integrations and that sort of thing around there. So, if you’re able to have that integration, unfortunately, one of the gaps of Purview is that automation within Purview itself for case management, and you need to help it along today. We’re hoping to have some updates on that, but there are some gaps there that we want to highlight in our podcast around that integration. Still, integrating with Power Automate or even some scripting and things like that is necessary now.

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