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By Ragnar Heil

Microsoft Teams Background Effects have arrived – just update your desktop App now. Currently you can`t upload own pictures, just choose from predefined. So I am still going to use Xsplit VCam for more flexibility and also Webex support.

But: There is a nice workaround which is not too complicated: Just go to the Windows folder “%Appdata%\Microsoft\Teams\Backgrounds” and save your backgrounds in the folder “Uploads”.

On Macs, the images should be copied to:
/users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams/Backgrounds/Uploads

Now go back to Microsoft Teams Meeting Option and pick new custom background – Voila!

Felsberg Castle Microsoft Teams 1
Microsoft Teams custom backgrounds 4

Few things to consider (thank you, Tony Redmond!)

  • there’s currently no way to remove it from a PC after it’s uploaded
  • Images don’t roam across devices, you must upload images on each device
  • Microsoft is reducing large images automatically

Why am I still using XSplit VCam?

  1. Easy upload my own photos without deep dive into file system
  2. picking web photos in a search based on unsplash
  3. Using Youtube Videos
  4. Using Websites
grafik 2
Microsoft Teams custom backgrounds 5

5. Webex Support

6. special features like custom blurring, quality controls and selecting GPU

grafik 1
Microsoft Teams custom backgrounds 6

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