Jabra Elite 7 Pro True Wireless In-Ear Buds Review (vs Jabra Elite 85)

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By Ragnar Heil

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Jabra Elite 7 Pro True Wireless In-Ear Buds Review (vs Jabra Elite 85)

Microphone and Voice Samples (Pool) with IP 57 waterproof test

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Camera: GoPro Hero9

Microphone: Sennheiser MKE 400

Thank you, Jabra Germany, for sending me this test sample to create this is an unsponsored review which covers my own opinion

Jabra Elite 7 Pro True Wireless In-Ear Buds Review (vs Jabra Elite 85)

Voice Sample:

Video Transcription:

Hello, today I\’m going to show you how the new Jabra elite 7 Pro sound like with a microphone quality using Zoom Microsoft Teams how battery life is how ANC works there are special features and we are going to compare it with the older versions like elite 85 To go deeper into battery life and show you all the benefits pros and contras so stay tuned for this video
so the case is a little bit larger than all the 85 t\’s from Jabra. That\’s still very good to handle energies pocket. Okay, let\’s look here, this notifications are the leader 7 Pro and compare them directly to leader 85 T which I\’m also owning and using since a while. So first of all, they are 60% Smaller than the 85T which makes them very, very comfortable to wear. So I never had one situation where they were falling out of my ears. So they are now very small and I really like this form factor. So I would say first of all here this is my preferred headset regarding the form factor that also ones which have awesome music quality, which I returned and gave them back because they were just too clumsy, like the newer true from Nura which I was testing a few weeks ago. Then on the other hand out that they are a weight is much much smaller, no 5.4 grams compared to the seven grams. IP writing has changed no IP 57 rating. So they\’re waterproof. The 85 t\’s were just IP x four. So that\’s a big advantage. Regarding controlling, you know the buttons which control that same, you\’re using the same Jabra app. So that\’s pretty much without difference travelers six millimeters compared to 12 millimeters. So the drivers here are reengineered frequency response is the same audio codecs, like SBC and AAC are the same. Hybrid ANC is no different because you have no adjustable levels. So there is a so on the app you can choose if you want to modify the NC depending on your ears. So if you maybe want to have a little bit more on the left on the right, you can modified with the FFT, there was just an on off switch was called hybrid ANC. So that\’s much better. But I would say that maybe not the best in class or I would assume that the ANC is much better with a Sony and Bose. So maybe they\’re on the top three, maybe on the top five, we have to see but they\’re not the number one by far. transparency mode on the 85 tea. Yes, there was an fridge on and here you\’ve got five different levels of transparency, which is the hear through mode, super important, especially when you\’re traveling on a bike and you want to hear the traffic behind us. So that increases safety of course, microphones per earbuds. Now we have two instead of three with the 85 t\’s wind noise reduction is still existing yes very important thing I\’ll have to work outside hybrid work you know, and also make sure that you don\’t hear the wind when we\’re talking Bluetooth has increased from 5.1 to 5.2 which is very nice. The operating range is 10 meters we\’re going to test in a few minutes. The proximity sensor yes both have it and now there is a new bone contactors enzyme which helps with the bones to transfer to trans to Yeah, to move the voice from what you\’re hearing into your bones and you get a very clear voice so we are going to talk a bit a bit later. Music time eight hours with ANC on and 30 hours in including all the charges here so it\’s at it\’s eight hours plus 22 which includes in the charge which means they are one of the leading ones regarding better time. So I\’m very happy with the 30 hours battery time overall. You can charge them here with a USB-C cable which is included and you can also charge them using CI a certified wireless charging if you have a nice charging blade, you can use them for T of two years. And the other difference is to the 85 ts there is no a fast charge, which means you get one hour of usage by only five minutes of charging

Hello, that\’s a voice test you have the medical quality of the Jabra PRO just arrived two days ago and here at the beautiful I gather in Portugal and we got to see the ocean here behind me and one of the things I would like to show you is the quality of the microphones. And let\’s see the beautiful sound of the waves are going to affect my voice quality.
The bone conducting sensor which is the voice pick up unit looks differently then With the models like Aftershock, which I\’ve also reviewed here, they\’re still sitting classically like any robots, so not the city, not directly on the bone. They\’re sitting here like Yeah, but but Jabra has promised that they\’re going to pick up different types of noises. So we\’ll so these are conductive sensors can can hear can identify if this is Windows or human voice, and then they can eliminate and decrease this kind of sound like wind. So after all, the ball collecting thing is all about increasing clarity, and not about the things which aftershock models are providing know very close to the waves, and I can still hear the bass through ANC. So fill that out. I\’ve also listened to the music in the background when I was on the pool. I still could hear the music, but it definitely really helps to concentrate and it also helps on a plane. So AMC is yeah, we call it on a scale from five, zero to five, I\’ve given maybe three up to four. And I didn\’t have differences here on my left and on my right here. So I was just using the standard ANC without modifying my left and my right ear. Music quality is actually really, really good. Drivers are not very known for having very heavy bass experience. But here I\’m very satisfied with the lows. I\’m not getting any kind of assertions and the lows and if you go into the equalizer, I\’m using usually a rock equalizer with a little bit of increased bass and increase rebels. It\’s very nice punchy bass. And overall, it\’s a very, very nice signature sound. Not extreme in any ways, but exactly the way how I like it. With older models of Jabra in your buds, you couldn\’t take one out and then still hear music and still having called that it was impossible. No, you can do it. It works fine. It\’s very comfortable to have calls with one single Yeah, but you can choose if you want to use the right or the left one, but you need to go into the Jabra app and go directly here into the sound settings. There is one little toggle which is all about switching off the hour to play music experience. So you need to make sure disable autoplay in your job or settings
and all that check IP 57 Waterproof certification standard using our pool let\’s go
okay, that\’s a very intelligent test for the Jabra elite 7 Pro, we\’re going to test the IP 57 certification which means they are waterproof and let\’s check if they\’re going to survive that\’s how you like
it. Okay let\’s throw up Java seven bro. Excellent for having calls using teams zoom whatever ordinary calls very very high call quality from the microphones then the form factor they have very very small easy to wear very light wear and very comfortable to wear. Price range of 179 to 199 EURO is just great. Then battery of 30 hours including the the cases are just very good battery time. The app is very rich of controls modifying the touch controls but also equalizer so the driver app is improving every few weeks. On the downside they\’re not number one regarding ANC is very good, but not the best in class. Okay, hope you like this video please consider to subscribe and like and you\’re going to see more videos regarding headsets and speakerphones and also Microsoft Teams devices. Stay tuned. Thanks for watching

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