Coolpo Ignite: new Headset with AI Noise-Canceling  Microphones

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By Ragnar Heil

Designed for Hybrid Work in noisy environments 

I know Coolpo products from their meeting room solutions like 360 degrees speaker phones with in-built webcam like the Coolpo Pana 360 (Amazon Affiliate). Their CEO invited me to join a webinar where they introduced 2 new products: a speakerphone with AI-powered noise cancelation and a headset with same technology: AI-powered noise-canceling. In my review I can’t go deeper what AI means here, I did not get insights into their algorithms but as a spoiler of my test I can say: If you are looking for a headset under 70 EUR/US$ with impressive background noise cancelation, then continue reading

Coolpo Ignite
me wearing Coolpo Ignite Headset

The Coolpo IGNITE headset elevates your audio experience, ensuring clear communication amidst distracting background noise. With its advanced AI noise-cancellation technology, you can focus on your meetings without distractions.

Coolpo shared research in their webinar showing that loud background noises are the main reason employees are annoyanced in meetings. As an Employee Experience specialist, I really care about topics related to Mental Health and reducing stress.

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Coolpo Ignite: new Headset with AI Noise-Canceling  Microphones 4

Source of Noise

According to Coolpo, there are different sources of noise which can be reduced by Ignite Headset

  • Additive Noise
    • Clear human voice/human voice with background noise
    • Background noise
      • Stationary Noise – Coloured / Nature background / Current
      • Non-Stationary Noise – Traffic/drum/rain/thunder
      • Mixed – Stationary + Non-Stationary Noise
  • Non-Additive Noise
    • Echo
    • Reverberation

EasyMulti-functional Button Controls

Easy microphone controls allow you to speak freely. Pull down the microphone to speak and bring it up to mute. This intuitive design ensures seamless communication, making it perfect for hybrid meetings.

The headset features a multi-functional button that allows you to:

Power On/OffTurn the headset on or off with ease
Battery reminderStay informed about your battery life
Automatic Voice PlaybackListen to your voice playback automatically
Volume +/-Adjust the volume to your liking
Play/pause the musicControl your music playback
Next/Previous musicNavigate through your music library
Answer/Hang up/Reject a callManage your calls with ease
Bluetooth reconnection/disconnectSeamlessly connect or disconnect from Bluetooth

How Does the Coolpo IGNITE Headset Achieve Noise Cancellation in restaurants, train stations?

The Coolpo IGNITE headset has AI noise-canceling microphones blocking significant background noise, ensuring crystal-clear communication even in noisy environments like restaurants. Coolpo’s website does not provide more information about the AI algorithm and how it compares to other headsets on the market that also embed AI technology, but this YouTube video delivers more insights into its noise-canceling research and why it has added a separate chip (next to the Bluetooth Chip) for its new technology called “MeetingFlex.”

Just double tap the MeetingFlex button to activate it:

Coolpo Ignite MeetingFlex Double Tap
Coolpo Ignite MeetingFlex Double Tap

AI Noise-Canceling Microphones

The AI noise-canceling microphones are designed to advance noise cancellation technology, ensuring your voice is heard clearly, even in noisy environments. Check out my voice sample:

Coolpo Ignite Headset

Check out my video in a noisy train station in Hamburg, Germany:




 Audio Headset Experience with music

The headset provides a nice but not too impressive and immersive audio experience, but when you are on calls, it can block distractions and ensure you can focus on your conversation. You will not buy this headset for music experience only.

Collaboration across Different Functions

The Coolpo IGNITE headset is designed to work seamlessly with various platforms, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Webex, making cross-functional collaboration easier than ever. I haven’t found official certifications for these major UC players.

Soft Leather Ear Pads for comfort

The headset features soft leather ear pads, ensuring comfort and reducing ear fatigue. You can wear it all day without any discomfort. The Coolpo IGNITE headset is designed to provide comfort and ease of use, making it perfect for long meetings and conversations.

Multi Point / Device Pairing

With the Coolpo IGNITE headset, you can multitask effortlessly, connecting to your mobile and computer devices via seamless Bluetooth pairing with dual multi-point pairing. You can purchase a USB-dongle as separate accessory.


The Coolpo IGNITE headset is available for USD 70 on their website, but I haven’t found it on Amazon yet.


The Coolpo IGNITE headset is a budget-friendly solution for anyone tired of struggling with background noise during meetings. Its advanced noise-cancellation technology and comfortable design ensure clear communication, even in noisy environments. Ditch the ear fatigue and embrace all-day ease with the Coolpo IGNITE headset.

Find out more at Official Coolpo Website



This product review is entirely unpaid and independent. I did not send this review for approval to the vendor. I received a free test sample of the product, but all opinions expressed in this review are my own and based on my personal experience with the product.

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