Blucalm UCH30 Headset with impressive noise-canceling capabilities

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By Ragnar Heil

Blucalm UCH30: A Deep Dive into Audio Clarity and Functionality

The Blucalm UCH30 (Amazon Affiliate Link) wired headset is a compelling option for professionals who rely on clear communication in office environments or while working from home. This headset promises exceptional noise cancellation capabilities and a comfortable fit. Let’s delve into the technical details to see if it lives up to the hype.

Blucalm UCH30 Headset with impressive noise-canceling capabilities 3

Technical Specifications

  • Connectivity: USB-A
  • Microphone: uni-directional 3-microphone array with Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) technology
  • Speaker Frequency Response: Wideband audio
  • Hearing Protection: Acoustic Shock Protection (ASP)
  • In-line cable controls (Answer/End a Call Button,Volume Up/Down Button, Microphone Mute/Unmute Button)
  • Busylight indicator
  • Audio Quality: up to 96k/24bit/s
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 105dB
  • 96% background noise (Even Human Voice) blocked (according to Blucalm)
  • 54dB noise reduction rating (NRR)
  • Automatic Gain control
  • Softphone / Video Conference Support: Teams, Skype4B, Cisco Jabber, Lync, Avaya, 3CX, 8×8, Slack,RingCentral, Circuit by Unify, Counter Path Bria, Zoom etc.


  • Superb Noise Cancellation: The Blucalm UCH30 stands out with its advanced noise canceling technology. The 3-microphone array works actively to minimize distracting background noise, ensuring your voice comes through with exceptional clarity. This is a game-changer, especially in noisy environments.
  • Comfortable Design: Designed for extended wear, the UCH30 boasts a lightweight build and comfortable leather-like (“Protein leather”) ear cushions. This on-ear form factor makes it suitable for all-day use in call centers or busy offices.
  • Crystal-Clear Audio: The headset delivers clear, wideband audio for both listening and speaking. This translates to natural-sounding conversations and improved speech intelligibility.
  • Easy-to-Use Controls: The in-line controls provide quick access to volume, mute, and call answer/end functions. The intuitive interface ensures seamless call management.
  • Busylight Indicator: The visible Busylight lets colleagues know when you’re on a call, reducing interruptions and boosting focus.
  • Price Tag: 70 EUR at Amazon Germany.


  • Limited Connectivity: The headset has only a USB-A connector, so it may require an adapter for modern laptops or devices that exclusively have USB-C ports.
  • No Wireless Option: The Blucalm UCH30 is strictly a wired headset. If you value the flexibility of wireless connectivity, this might not be the ideal choice.
  • Bulkier Design: While comfortable, some users may find the design a bit bulky compared to sleeker on-ear headsets on the market.
  • No official Microsoft Teams or Zoom certification. Buttons works with Teams

Use Cases

The Blucalm UCH30 excels in several scenarios:

  • Call Centers: The noise cancellation and comfortable fit are valuable assets for call center agents who spend long hours on the phone.
  • Busy Offices: If your workspace is filled with distractions, the UCH30 lets you concentrate on your calls and tasks.
  • Work-from-home: Professionals working remotely can benefit from the headset’s clear communication and focus-enhancing features.

Should You Buy It?

If you prioritize the following, then the Blucalm UCH30 is an excellent choice:

  • Superior noise canceling in noisy environments
  • All-day comfort
  • Easy controls and compatibility with major communication platforms
  • Busy Lights
Blucalm UCH30 Headset with impressive noise-canceling capabilities 4

However, if these are dealbreakers, you might want to consider other options:

  • Wireless functionality is crucial
  • Ultra-compact design is a priority

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My verdict

The Blucalm UCH30 (Amazon Affiliate Link) delivers on its promise of enhanced audio quality and noise-canceling capabilities. It’s a reliable and comfortable choice for professionals who demand clear communication in less-than-ideal acoustic environments. If its feature set aligns with your needs, it’s well worth considering, especially for a price tag of 70 EUR.

Let me know if you’d like any specific sections elaborated or want comparisons with similar headsets!

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