SharePoint Integration in Salesforce -automated powered by Microsoft Graph

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By Ragnar Heil

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I know Andreas Rosen (Founder and Owner of Q!kom GmbH) since many years.
We usually talked about advanced Outlook Calendar Solutions  “OnTime” which are especially helpful for Personal Assistants who need to look into many calendars.
Now I am very impressed and excited that our conversations about possibilities and strength using Microsoft Graph are bringing fruits and are ready to harvest:

Their new solution is using Microsoft Graph to integrate SharePoint Document Libaries into Salesforce (SFDC).
You can directly create new files, upload existing ones and share with your team – without leaving Salesforce. Full Document Management, Search, Security and Compliance features of SharePoint stay the same

Here you can listen to our podcast

and watch our YouTube Video with Live Demo:

Salesforce Integration with SharePoint - powered by Microsoft Graph

You only have 1:17 minutes? Then check out the short demo without interview:

Q!365 | Automated SharePoint Integration in Salesforce

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