Apple Vision Pro’ductivity: The Intrazone by Microsoft 365 Podcast

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By Ragnar Heil

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This Intrazone Podcast podcast episode explores the experiences of John Moore, an enterprise architect and Microsoft MVP, with the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset. John discusses the benefits of using Vision Pro for productivity and collaboration and the challenges he encountered. The podcast also covers the advantages of Apple devices within the mixed reality ecosystem, the differences between the Persona and Microsoft Mesh avatars, and the native and compatible apps available on the Vision Pro. Additionally, the episode delves into Moore’s experiences with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Copilot, and other apps in Vision OS, as well as the feedback he provides to both Apple and Microsoft. The speaker highlights the key features and benefits of the Apple Vision Pro headset, including its impressive spatial awareness, high resolution, and pass-through technology. The episode concludes with discussing upcoming community events for Microsoft 365 enthusiasts.


  • The Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset offers a spatial audio experience that enhances productivity and collaboration by allowing users to focus on specific speakers in a meeting.
  • The Vision Pro has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with technology and each other, but some challenges remain, such as better integration with other Apple devices.
  • The seamless integration between Apple products provides a cohesive mixed reality ecosystem with features like copy-paste and unlocking a phone using an Apple Watch.
  • The Persona avatar offers a realistic and accurate representation, while the Microsoft Mesh avatar allows for more creative expression.
  • Native apps like Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Loop, and Microsoft Copilot provide a familiar user interface and functionality within the Vision Pro headset.
  • Voice commands and the ability to resize windows enhance the natural and intuitive experience of using apps in Vision OS.
  • Feedback for Apple includes better integration with other devices and typing on the phone to send text to the headset. At the same time, Microsoft emphasizes the need for native apps and support for enterprise users.
  • Key features of the Apple Vision Pro include impressive spatial awareness, high resolution, and pass-through technology.
  • Upcoming Microsoft events and conferences cover various topics related to Microsoft 365, Power Platform, Azure, and more, providing opportunities for learning and networking within the Microsoft community.
Apple Vision Pro Productivity and Microsoft 365
Apple Vision Pro Productivity and Microsoft 365

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