Spotify Greenroom – just another Clubhouse Clone?

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By Ragnar Heil

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Spotify has finally launched their new Audio-only Social Network \”Greenroom\” June 16th and I had my first hands-on experiences June 19th. The ability for any user to host or participate in live rooms. Just another Clubhouse Clone? Is Spotify too late to the game? Let\’s discuss here!

How easy is the onboarding experience?

I have created a new profile based on my existing Spotify account using Android and iOS App. I had to add a description about myself to my profile and add favorite topics. I have chosen \”Tech\”, \”Gadget\” and \”Content Creator\” but most of the topics were about American sports – not my cup of tea. Then finally I have received recommendations which groups and people I should follow. I only knew Brian Solis at this point. Then I went on and search for shows and found typical meta rooms which are expected: \”Clubhouse vs Greenroom\” or \”Let\’s see how many Gems we can collect\”.

clubhouse vs greenroom
Typical meta discussions

German Spotify Greenroom is born today

Finally I found the first German room and was very pleased that Volker Weber (vowe) was playing music (using Apple Music – Spotify integration still missing here). Very nice morning, beautiful atmosphere when we talked about music, concerts we have visited and stories about songs. I really enjoy these kind of talks, have them too less.

spotify greenroom deutsche bubble
German Community is born!

So what about Business conversations?

My favorite topics are known: Microsoft 365, Quest Software, Headsets, Video Live Streaming, Tech Gadgets, Headsets, Video Collaboration Solutions, Working Out Loud and much more. Nothing there yet and search did not deliver results. I also haven\’t found people with these topics assigned in their profile. Connecting to new people inside my topic bubble is going to be difficult.

How can I speak in a room?

  • A host starts a room and can speak immediately and controls who can speak and be put on stage.
  • A listener can participate by raising hands and host can allow to speak.
  • Anyone in the room can use the chat (if enabled).

You can only start a new room when assigned to an existing group

screenshot 20210620 105823 greenroom6559576707231023620
assign groups to your new room

What\’s better than in Clubhouse or Dive?

First of all I have noticed that Greenroom is open for everyone, no waiting list and invitation needed. Mobile Apps for Android and iOS are existing. My highlights so far are clear:

  • Chats (can be turned on and off my host)
  • Gems to reward people who are active and create rooms (we all are currently investigating how they are calculated). Double tap on the profile of a person which says something great and one gem is sent. Like Applause on Dive.
  • In Greenroom you join predefined Topics, you can\’t setup Clubs
  • You can join on Android and iOS without being logged out
  • You can record a room session (but there is no need to do it). You add an email address, and it is going to send back to you after the show. Good experiences shared in this room (\”From Passion to Purposeful Podcasting\”) about recording panels and uploading to their own podcasts.
img 0189
great rooms can be found search for groups like \”Content Creators\”
Download link sent by email after recording the show

How can I monetize my shows?

Spotify announced that they will be launching a Spotify Creator Fund, which will help live audio creators monetize their work. Anyone who is interested can sign up to find out more about participation when the Creator Fund opens later this summer.

Final thoughts and opinion?

No, far too early to share my final thoughts. Clubhouse Hype is over, that`s clear.
I see lots of value in Spotify Greenroom because they have the technical possibilty to push a recorded Greenroom directly into a Spotify Podcast which can easily found in the main Spotify App.

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