Review: 4 weeks with wireless InEarBuds Jabra Elite Sport (Headphones)

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By Ragnar Heil

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I want to share my experiences with wireless Sport Headphones called “Elite Sport” which I could test over the last 4 weeks thanks to Jabra.  Let me start by explaining why I wanted to test them (see headlines) and jump right into the evaluation:

Easy Setup and reliable Bluetooth Connection

Elite Sport came already charged, so I just had to install the App and pair them with Bluetooth. They offer a variety of different gel ear bud sizes and so called EarWings, so I tried a few and found out that medium size fits well and doesn`t fall out of my ears. Pairing with Bluetooth (4.1) was only done once and what I extremely appreciate is the stability and reliability of the connection with my SmartPhones (iPhone 6s, OnePlus 5). I have got a rich experience with Bluetooth Headsets and very often an extra pairing action is needed. I just take Elite Sport out of my ears and at a certain time I insert them again, listening to music continues seemless.

High Sound Quality, clear and detailed

I won`t go much into details here because I cannot compare them with direct competitors here and don`t want to compare different categories of In Ear Headsets which I own. I just want to mention that I was really surprised about the very high sound quality which fits excellent to the music I enjoy. I never found them annoying when listening to my tunes. I don`t care about a deep bass, for me the detailed and clear, neutral sound is more important.

Comfortable Form Factor / Usability in Daily Life

I can observe myself that I don`t use my other two pairs of BT In Ear Headphones very often because they don`t fit very comfortable which has got impact on the sound quality.
Jabra Elite Sport were my daily driver over the last 4 weeks and at my short trip to Riga, Latvia, I was wearing them literally whole day. I enjoyed to keep them in my ears, do several phone calls, track my fitness activity and listen to music. There was no need to choose a different headset – only in the very loud plane, there I picked my Noise Canceling OverEar Headset.
From the functional point of view I use the volume up/down and skip of songs (forward/back) capabilities quite a lot which can be done by pushing very small buttons on the left ear buds.
I was surprised that they kept staying in my ears when driving 40 km/h downhill on my bike and also have no complains when running. For safety reasons I want to mention that I was using the “HearThrough” Technology on my bike.

Jabra Elite Sport Running
Running at Baltic Sea in heavy rain

Battery Life

    • Battery Life is around 4,5 hours and InEars can be recharged easily for additional 9 hours in their box where I always store them. That`s sufficient for me and expected in this price range. Apple AirPods and Bragi provide similar battery life (in- and outside the case). Good to see that Jabra has improved battery life with an updated version of Elite Sport.

High Quality  Fitness Tracking App which motivates me to do regular workouts, biking and running

I have already written about the Sport Fitness Companion App here.
The motivational aspect really works for me. I wasn`t a very passionate runner over the last years but can confirm that I am doing at least one run every week and additional activities like Mountain Biking (and also Swimming where I don`t use the EarBuds although they are water proof IP 67)
In my Business I work a lot with Data Analyics Solution “Power BI” and pleased that export quality of my fitness data in CSV-format was good and easy to import into one of my dashboards like this one (e.g. where I was correlating heart beat and speed of my bike – both measured by Jabra Elite Sport)
Jabra Elite Sport Power BI

Good Phone Quality

I am a Power User of Skype for Business and the quality was much better than expected, same for ordinary phone calls – thanks to 4 microphones built in which also reduce background noise.
But I want to mention that they are not certified for Skype for Business which is normal for Sport Headphones. Would be great to see this in future devices, more and more people are walking or running and having telephone conferences outdoors #NewWork


If you are looking for In Ear Headphones which are wireless, have a great sound quality, 9 hours of battery life, complete Fitness Tracking Solution which tracks pulse and good Phone Quality, then you might not look any further. They are pretty unique in what they offer. I still need my Over Ear noise cancellation headsets and use my cheap Sony Walkman Swimming cable InEars because I don`t want to pick up my Jabra Elite Sports on the bottom of the ocean or pool. But they did an excellent job when joining me on my bike tours, running and just walking through my life. App is offered for iOS and Android, not for Windows. Would be great to see my fitness data on my Windows10 (PC, Tablet or Phone).
Usually the Tech Review Press criticizes the high price (249€) but if they fit to your use cases and what you are searching for, then they get my full recommendation.

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  2. I’m thoroughly impressed after testing the Jabra Elite Sport wireless earbuds for 4 weeks. The setup was easy, and the Bluetooth connection remained reliable with my smartphones. The sound quality is exceptional, with clear and detailed audio that complements my music perfectly. The comfortable form factor made them my daily driver, even during long trips and workouts. The battery life is decent, and the fitness tracking app motivates me to stay active. Call quality is also impressive, but they aren’t certified for Skype for Business. Overall, if you want wireless InEarBuds with great sound and fitness tracking, the Jabra Elite Sport is an excellent choice.


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