Poly Voyager Focus 2 Headset with Acoustic Fence released

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By Ragnar Heil

There are many Business headsets available on the market, a lot of them are Microsoft Teams / Zoom / Webex / Google Meet etc certified and offer Bluetooth connections. Seems to be difficult to find the right one, yes?

Something is special about Poly Voyager Focus which was born under the Plantronics Brand. I never heard so many people saying about a Premium Business Headset: \”That\’s by far my favorite one!\”

Okay, now to you, Poly: You have released today, May 11th 2021 a next generation called \”Poly Voyager Focus 2\”. What did you improve? How could you make it better?

Poly Marketing told me \”We can\’t build walls around you to suppress background noise. Therefore we have developed Voyager Focus 2\”.

Voyager Focus 2 offers now \”Acoustic Fence\” Technology

Acoustic Fence continuously explores the differences in sound between multiple microphones to find who is the main speaker and selects, combines and mutes the remaining ones. Only main talker’s conversation is sent out to the attendees of the call or video conference.  Any background sounds are heard just in snippets and don\’t interrupt or distract the dialog.  Your own voice is rendered clearer to the far end.

Let\’s look deeper into a Home Schooling Scenario: My daughter is at home and watching TV while I am having a call in the same room. Can you hear her and the background noise?

Poly Voyager Focus 2 Acoustic Fence Noise Suppression Test

Active Noise Canceling available in 2 levels

Next to Acoustic Fence ANC (Active Noise Canceling) can be enabled – Poly calls it now \”Advanced Digital Hybrid Active Noise Canceling\” – and set to 2 different levels. It also can be switched off.

I was never a huge fan of boom arms but I could clearly see that voice quality has improved massively. That means that I am only using non-boom arm headsets in planes and trains to reduce backgroind noise (for me ony) to increase focus. Since I haven\’t traveled these ways since February 2020 I am using ANC headsets to concentrate better when I hear TV from my Kids in the background or neighbours are mowing the lawn. Typical Working from Home use cases.

\”You are on mute!\”

\”You are on mute!\” is a common pandemic 2020 phrase. Now Voyager Focus 2 informs you when you are talking while being on mute. You can manually set to mute by moving the boom arm up.

Stereo Sound also to enjoy music and media

I am having a lot of calls every day, that\’s for sure. But I also have time to listen to music or consume a video. Here I don\’t need to change my headset. Voyager Focus 2 does a very good job in providing excellent stereo quality.

Battery Time extended

Now up to 19 hours of battery time are possible which is impressive and much longer than first generation (15 hours / 12 ANC on).

Charging Station included

Both parts connect via a Micro-USB connection, not USB-C.

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Bluetooth Range and connection options:

Poly Voyager Focus 2 has successfully passed my 2 most relevant tests:

  • Going downstairs and get a cup of coffee
  • opening doors

I am using Bluetooth in 2 different ways

  • Poly BT 700 Dongle on my PC or Laptop connects to Poly Voyager 2 (my preferred setting for my desk, I like Dongles a lot). BT 700 offers an increased range up to 50m (30m for Poly Voyager 1) and is also smaller than BT 600: \”More with less\” (Neil Fluester, Poly). Dongle can be used with PC and MAC
  • Connected to my Smartphone or Tablets (Android / iPad) directly without Dongle

Poly now supports BT 5.1 instead of 4.0 in Poly Voyager 1

I also need to mention that It could be used without Bluetooth, using USB-connection in \”Audio-Over-USB-Mode\”

dsc00821 2

Configurations in Poly Lens

Poly offers a varity of options to configure their devices. Please check new Poly Lens App and not only the Plantronics App \”PLT Hub\” like in the past. Make sure to enable HD Voice. It can enhance voice clarity significantly (if supported by your carrier). You are not allowed to install it on your Business Laptop? Install it on your private PC, it transfers the settings to the headset (great recommendation, vowe!)

poly lens


First impression and summary

I need to add more tests next days, especially about ANC and Acoustic Fence in different scenarios, also get used to Smart Sensors which let me answer calls by simply putting on the headset, mute by taking the headset off and pause/resume music. For now I am very impressed by the (music) sound and microphone quality and quality of background noise suppression and can recommend it

Here you find my voice sample in a silent environment:

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