One week with Jabra Evolve 75e In-Ear Bluetooth Business Headset with Active Noise Canceling (Skype for Business certified)

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By Ragnar Heil

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One week ago I have received a Test Sample (thank you Jabra!) of brand new In-Ear Headset Evolve75e – one of the very first In-Ear Headsets worldwide which combines Skype for Business Certification, Active Noise Canceling and 14 hours of Battery Life.  \"sdr\"

Jabra Evolve 75e works great with Surface Book 2

Setup Experience

Pairing went seemless and easy with Bluetooth 4.2 (Low Energy). I really appreciate that it can pair with 2 devices at same time because I use it with my Surface Book 2 and my SmartPhone. It can manage 8 Bluetooth devices in the pairing list. If your PC/Mac doesn`t offer Bluetooth then it can be connected with an USB Dongle included in the package. Connectivity Range is 10m with SmartPhone and 30m with PC/Mac. Package also includes a soft case,  3 different sizes of Silicon EarGels and EarWings. Should be fine for everybody. Make sure to test different sizes to get best Active Noise Canceling and Sound Experience.

Active Noise Canceling

I have tested it in 4 different surroundings and working scenarios: Office with co-workers, loud plane, silent plane and trains. When being in the (home) office it is a well known experience for all of us that there is background noise from co-workers and family around us. I don`t want that it can be heard in my phone conversations or webinars. Jabra Evolve 75e does a pretty good job in filtering out these background noises. Concrete value for me: I can work nearly wherever I want.

I have tested it also in environments where I try to prevent Phone Calls like Planes and Trains and just want to enjoy music, audio books, podcast, Netflix or a technical video. ANC (Active Noise Canceling) works fine in general, you can hear the difference significantly and focus on your work, music or other audio material. Evolve 75e had challenges to stop the extreme noise in the loud Q400 Dash8 Plane on my flight to London. Nevertheless I was impressed to hear the clear guitar strings in the song \”Deep Sea Diver\” from new Turin Brakes album. Wouldn`t be possible to enjoy this album without ANC. For a very long flight with this plane I would rather choose my over-ear headphones.

Voice Quality in Skype Calls

I have asked for feedback few times about the microphone quality and got excellent feedback about the 3 integrated microphones.  I am using this devices also for my Anchor Podcasts.

Voice Assistants integrated

A button to activate Voice Assistants like Siri, Google Now, Cortana are integrated in the neckband. Very useful when your mobile is not in your hands or pocket.


Evolve 75e is going to be my primary Headset for a very long working day in many different surroundings because of its 13-14 hours battery life (charged in 2 hours), excellent music + speech quality and very comfortable form factor with its neckband. I am owning a lot of different headsets but I can observe myself taking down the headset after finishing a call or listening to music tunes (especially over-ears) . Then I am moving around in the office, get a phone call coming in and don`t have my headset next to me. That`s exactly the main differentiator for Evolve75e. You don`t need to keep In-Ear-Plugs into your ears whole day and also don`t need to put the headset back on your desk. It literally stays on your neck whole day and follows you wherever you are and fits to your current work-life-flow situation. People around you can see that you are in a call because of a red busylight. Very comfortable to accept or decline calls by voice commands.  I only need different headsets for an intensive Run outside (with rain and sweat I would prefer Elite Sport) or a long distance loud plane ride. Official Price Tag is 292€ but I have seen it only for around 172€. Recommendation!

2 thoughts on “One week with Jabra Evolve 75e In-Ear Bluetooth Business Headset with Active Noise Canceling (Skype for Business certified)”

  1. Ragnar, I can’t agree more with you!! What an awesome device. Using the Jabra 75e for a bit more than a month now and I am so enthousiastic.

    I really like to attend calls whilst not being distracted by email our other updates, therefore I tend to have some of the calls whilst walking. Especially walking outside really helps me to keep focussed on the content of the call and remain present. This devices enables me to do so without any issues.

    Use it every day and wear it all day, so the battery time is very important and does meet my needs. In the situation that I am having a lot of calls it is also not an issue to charge whilst using it.

    Can’t imagine not working with this one anymore!!


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