New Office Mobile App released in preview

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By Ragnar Heil

Find out how to register for Beta Program here. Unfortunately iOS Preview program has reached the limits which Apple defined

I expected to access my Word, Excel and PowerPoint Files when I signed into my Office 365 account. Worked well and seemless.

I was surprised to see many helpful actions embedded which are focused to improve productivity workflow like:

  • converting images to tables or text
  • sharing files between mobile and PC
  • signing and scanning PDFs
  • Scan QR and save it in OneNote
  • Create Sticky Notes which are synchronized to OneNote and Windows 10

screenshot 20191110 2032153070281778626188348
screenshot 20191110 2032281507243348574026349

I am currently playing around with a list of drinks in a restaurant and try to convert into XLS. Pretty decent start but not perfect what I expected because of a missing table grid

screenshot 20191110 2056404582927540560527584

Do these new solutions help you or are you going to use the existing Office Apps?

Personally I would love to see a business card scanner with CRM integration as well as a the possibility to switch between Office documents. That’s not supported at the moment and affects me as a multi tasking guy. So I won’t uninstall the default Office Apps at the moment.

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