How to update Microsoft Teams Rooms manually

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By Ragnar Heil

When I have received a Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub (2nd Generation) last week, one of my first actions after adding it to Teams Admin Center and to a Microsoft Teams Rooms was – you might know my answer already: yes, updating to the latest version of Microsoft Teams Rooms.

My expectation was to get Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub updated in Teams Admin Center (TAC) but I found out quickly that there are manual steps to follow.

A newer approach is to download this MTR PowerShell script and run it. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

I have received this error message:

“Prerequisite: The Skype user must be logged in for this script to work correctly. Please reboot the system, and run this script without signing the Skype user out.”

he Skype user must be logged in for this script to work correctly
Run Microsoft Teams Rooms Update Script without pressing Windows Key

At this point I didn’t know how to run this script as a different user, Skype for Business (SfB) – I was running it elevated as an Admin

So I had a short and very conversation with Graham Walsh in a Microsoft Teams Team and found an older approach in Skype Room System Deployment Kit” his excellent Blog to use Skype Rooms Systems Deployment Kit. It worked immediately and I could upgrade to

In the meantime Graham has found a solution (which I would never imagined) to get the first approach running:

Plug a keyboard into your MTR (no touch screen), login to Skype Account and press Windows Key 5 times in a row. Then log in as Admin and run the MTR Update script again which caused the Skype PowerShell error.

Both users – Admin and Skype – need to have access:

both signed in
How to update Microsoft Teams Rooms manually 4

Now it works – I just did the screenshot after my first attempt!

Microsoft Teams Rooms Manual Update with PowerShell
Run Microsoft Teams Rooms Update Script and press Windows Key 5 times

Kudos again to Graham for sharing – don’t forget to follow his Blog – because sharing is caring!

9 thoughts on “How to update Microsoft Teams Rooms manually”

  1. If you are connecting remotely and the 5 x Key does not forward on correctly (looking at you Teamviewer), you can send a CTRL+ALT+Delete and hit switch user. Skype stays signed in and you can run the MTR update.

  2. This worked for me

    Switching to Admin Mode and back when the Microsoft Teams Rooms app crashes
    Press the Windows key five times in rapid succession. This will bring you to the Windows logon screen.
    Log in to the desktop with your administrative credentials.
    Perform the necessary administrative tasks.
    Restart the machine when you’re finished.

  3. Instead of doing this, I just set a password on the Skype account via lusrmgr.msc, ran notepad as different user, used the skype account. this made the account run in the background and then you can run the script without error. then remove the password when done.

    no keyboard plugging needed.


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