Cambridge Audio Melomania M100 True Wireless In-Ear Buds: A Comprehensive Review

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By Ragnar Heil

Over the years I have tested all existing True Wireless In-Ear Buds from Cambridge Audio: Melomania 1 and Melomania Touch

Evolution of Cambridge Audio Melomania True Wireless In-Ear Buds
Cambridge Audio Melomania M100 True Wireless In-Ear Buds: A Comprehensive Review 4

While I was never delighted with their App and Microphone Quality (especially Melomania 1), I always enjoyed their extraordinary battery life (50h incl charging case with Melomania Touch) and excellent sound quality. So it was a no-brainer that I had to test the brand-new Melomania M100, which is introducing Active Noise Canceling (ANC) for the first time. 

What’s inside the package?

  • Quick guide
  • USB-C to USB-C charging cable
  • 3 x silicone earplugs (S, M and L)
  • 2 x memory foam earplugs (S and L)
  • product brochure
  • function control card
  • safety instructions

Design, Build, Comfort and Fit

The Cambridge Audio Melomania M100 earbuds are designed for comfort and durability. Their build quality features a robust, lightweight design (for the In-Ears, not for the bulky case) that ensures long-lasting use. The fit is secure, making them ideal for various activities, from commuting to working out. The earbuds are also IPX4-rated, which is resistant to splashes of water, light rain, and sweat.

Cambridge Audio Melomania M100 True Wireless In-Ear Buds in their charging case
Cambridge Audio Melomania M100 True Wireless In-Ear Buds: A Comprehensive Review 5


The Cambridge Audio Melomania M100 can be purchased currently (June 2024) for 199 EUR or US$ (Amazon Affiliate). Priced competitively, these earbuds provide a range of high-end features typically found in more expensive models. The price point makes them accessible to a wider audience, from casual listeners to audiophiles, but they are far above their predecessors’ current prices (< 100 US$).

Active Noise Canceling (ANC) Quality

The active noise cancellation (ANC) on the Melomania M100 is highly effective. They are not part of Top 3 like Bose QuietComfort Ultra or Sony WF-1000XM5. Qualcomm™ Adaptive ANC technology combines feedforward and feedback microphones to eliminate ambient noises. The earbuds are perfect for use in noisy environments like public transport or busy offices. I haven’t used them in a noisy plane but have always been satisfied in environments like train stations or my gym, where they play background music, and I want to focus on my music or podcast. ANC settings are available in: high, medium and low.

Transparency mode 

Transparency mode helps you to stay aware of your surroundings. I would describe Melomania M100 transparency mode as decent, but it is noted that it may not be as effective as the best transparency models available.  TechRadar described it as less valuable due to too much audible feedback and a near-constant quiet hiss, even in quiet environments. M100 sounds most natural on low settings because on high, it might sound to hissy, as mentioned. Wind should be filtered out in this passthrough mode as well which should make M100 very comfortable to wear, I need to test it on a windy day. 3 modes are available for you: High, low and voice focus.

Mobile App Controls

The Melomania Connect app provides extensive control over the Melomania M100 earbuds. Users can customize sound presets, adjust ANC & transparency levels, and monitor battery life. The app also offers firmware updates to keep the earbuds performing at their best. Touch Controls are not the most accurate and sometimes won’t even respond to your finger taps. 

Cambridge Audio Melomania M100 earbuds feature a customizable EQ (equalizer) with a 7-band graphic equalizer, allowing users to tailor the sound to their preferences. This feature is accessible through the Melomania Connect app, which provides six pre-set EQ profiles for different music genres and spoken word listening, including Blues, Electronic, Flat, Natural, Rock, and Voice. The 7-band EQ allows users to adjust specific frequency bands to enhance or reduce certain aspects of the audio. This level of customization ensures that listeners can fine-tune the sound to match their unique tastes or the specific requirements of different types of audio content.  

Gaming mode can be activated via Melomania Connect with low latency of <80 ms. 

7 band Equalizer with 6 presets of Cambridge Audio Melomania M100
Cambridge Audio Melomania M100 True Wireless In-Ear Buds: A Comprehensive Review 6

Sound Quality

The Melomania M100’s sound quality is exceptional. Two generous 10 mm drivers and magnets made from recycled neodymium. The earbuds deliver a balanced sound signature with clear highs, detailed mids, and punchy bass. The aptX Lossless and aptX Adaptive codecs ensure the audio quality remains high, even over Bluetooth. I enjoy listening to music with my Samsung S8 Ultra Tablet or Google Pixel 8 Pro Smartphone, but neither supports aptx Lossless due to Qualcomm missing its Snapdragon platform.  I will use my Xiaomi Redmi 11 Note Pro+ here. The class AB amplification further enhances the hi-fi sound, making these earbuds an excellent choice for audiophiles. The Melomania M100s are equipped with 10mm driver units powered by class AB amplification, the same technology found in many of Cambridge Audio’s CX Series amplifiers. According to Forbes, Class AB amplification is known for providing deep and controlled bass, realistic vocals, and focused treble, resulting in a convincing and immersive sound stage.  

Supported Profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP

Supported Codecs: aptX™ Lossless up to 24-bit/96kHZ, aptX™ Adaptive, AAC (important for iPhones and iPads), SBC

Wind Noise Reduction

Due to our current weather situation, I could not test real-life wind noise reduction. The earbuds include automatic wind protection, which cancels out the flapping noise of wind when in passthrough mode, according to some reviews, such as Loudnwireless.

Battery Life

The Melomania M100’s battery life is impressive. The earbuds offer up to 16 hours of playback on a single charge, with an additional 36 hours provided by the charging case. With ANC activated, the battery life is still substantial, offering up to 10 hours on a single charge and an additional 23 hours from the charging case. The earbuds also support Qi-charging. It takes 2,5 hours to charge with a USB-C cable.

FeatureBattery Life
Without ANCup to 16 hours
With ANCup to 10 hours
incl. Charging Case (Without ANC)up to 52 hours
incl. Charging Case (With ANC)up to 33 hours

Microphone Quality

The microphone performs quite well in quiet conditions, delivering clear and intelligible audio. However, the microphone employs heavy noise gating in noisy environments, which can cut into the user’s voice, making it sound choppy. This issue is particularly noticeable compared to other earbuds, where the noise gating is less aggressive but still manages to keep the voice intelligible. 
Check out my voice sample:

Multi-point connectivity

Melomania M100 offers Bluetooth 5.3 LE with dual-point connectivity, you can connect your smartphone and laptop simultaneously. 
Google FastPair and Microsoft Swift Pair are supported. Bluetooth 5.3 Low Energy (LE) is the latest iteration of the Bluetooth standard, announced in July 2021 and released in May 2022. It builds upon previous versions with several key enhancements to improve wireless communications efficiency, reliability, and power consumption. Melomania M100 is my first True Wireless In-Ear Buds with Bluetooth 5.3.

Voice Prompts

The Melomania M100 features voice prompts in 8 languages that provide helpful information, such as battery statusconnection status, and ANC mode. These prompts are clear and concise, making it easy to stay informed about the earbuds’ status without needing to check the app. I really enjoy the humor of Cambridge Audio: They are offering a celebrity voice guest / actor / comedian / musician Matt Berry.

Sleep Mode

I travel often, and sometimes you get a hotel room next to a busy and noisy street. I like to wear True Wireless In-Ear Buds when sleeping. The apparent downside is that they wake you up in the middle of the night to tell you the battery status. You are standing in your bed! So I highly appreciate the sleep mode option of M100 where touch controls and voice prompts are disabled,

My Verdict

The Cambridge Audio Melomania M100 is a standout pair of true wireless earbuds that excel in sound qualitybattery life (thanks to their too-bulky charging case), and features. With hybrid ANC, aptX support, and robust build, these earbuds are perfect for casual listeners and audiophiles. The Melomania Connect app adds further customization, like 7-band EQ with 6 presets, making the Melomania M100 a versatile and high-performing choice in the crowded wireless earbuds market. Make sure also to test premium memory foam tips: M100 might not seal 100%, depending on your ears. I would not choose as my No. 1 True Wireless In-Ear Buds for phone calls and Microsoft Teams / Zoom Meetings here Jabra Elite 10 or Apple AirPods Pro (especially when using with iPhone) deliver higher quality. 10mm drivers driven by class AB amplification is unique in this True Wireless In-Ear Buds category. 

In conclusion, the Cambridge Audio Melomania M100 offers a compelling package that is hard to beat. Whether you’re looking for hi-fi soundextended battery life, or effective noise cancellation, these earbuds deliver on all fronts. Currently, M100 is my best-sounding True Wireless In-Ear Buds.


This product review is entirely unpaid and independent. I did not send this review for approval to the vendor. I received a free test sample of the product, but all opinions expressed in this review are my own and based on my personal experience with the product.

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