Why I am now managing my Tasks with To-Do in Office 365

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By Ragnar Heil

Although I started using a paper book for Bullet Journaling a year ago (thanks to Steve Ngyuen from Yammer) and read Ryder Carrolls`s Bullet Journaling Method I am still using To Do Apps. My favorite App since many years is Wunderlist after I stopped working with Outlook Tasks because of missing mobile App. So why change when we all know that changing daily habits can be challening?

A Microsoft MVP Call with insights into roadmap and finally Luise Freese`s Top 15 List (seems to grow daily) convinced me to move to To-Do which is part of Office 365.

I don`t want to repeat every single aspect Luise has mentioned here, they are all great and useful for me.

What did I add to Luise`s list?

Creating a To-Do Task if Email are sent with high priority

Microsoft Flow is creating a To-Do Task for me and SmartPhone Alert if I receive or write an email with high priority (value “2 in my 2nd screenshot)

image 1
image 4

What`s next / where am I currently struggling?

In the Spirit of Working Out Loud I would like to share where I need some helps. These Use Cases are still not working properly:

Amazon Alexa Integration: This Skill (unofficial)doesn`t seem to support Office 365 Accounts, I receive connection errors.

Salesforce Integration: I want to get a new To-Do Task

– if a Salesforce opportunity is changed which I am interested in
– if a new Salesforce opportunity is created within an account I am interested in.
Using Flow I see the possible to use (ODATA based) SELECT statements and filters but don`t know how to create them. Using “dynamics contents” I can`t choose what I want.

Guess what happened I have published this Blogpost and ask a MVP for help who I havent met yet? One hour after sending out my question on a Sunday Jared Matfess answered my question in a helpful blogpost. That`s incredible!

Any ideas welcome! Which benefits do you get from Microsoft To-Do which is part of Office 365?

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