Review of Jabra Sport Pulse – a wireless Sport Headset which tracks heartbeat

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By Ragnar Heil

Last week I had a dream where a gadget showed me a mediocre Fitness Level and I also noticed it after closing my outdoor swimming pool season. I really care about listening to my dreams, so I am thankful that Jabra has given me a test sample of Sport Pulse.
I can listen to my favorite songs with these wireless earphones but also measure my heartbeat, VO2 (describes the maximum rate of oxygen that your body consumes during exercise), GPS Maps, distances, speed, burned calories and much more.img_20161121_164439
So let`s evaluate over the next weeks how I am going to make progress with this new gadget and improve my Rest Heart Rate. Gonna update this blogpost.

Part 1: Installation and 1st Mountain Bike Tour

While unboxing I have noticed that Sport Pulse contains a wide range of ear plugs for many sizes, including 3 Ear Gels and 3 Foam Tips which improve noise cancelation and bass.
Sport Pulse was pre-charged, so I could immediately install the iOS and Android Apps, connect via Bluetooth and start the Tour Guide with helpful explanations and calibrations. My current Fitness Level is 41 which is average and expected. I had to run or bike for 15 minutes with a pulse of 70-100% of my max HeartRate.
While I was on my bike and enjoyed the excellent sound of Sport Pulse which is clear, fresh and crisp, exactly what I want.  Integation with Spotify was seemless and the female voice of Sport Pulse is friendly and a overlay of my music providing information about my speed, time and distance. No recommendations offered like by Moov Now.

Screenshot_20161121-163908 (2).png
Final Summary of my Workout / Bike Trip with pulse (average,min,max), Speed, Distance, burned calories, duration
Time spent in different Zones (Fat Burning, Cardio etc)
Speed and Altitude
Pulse and Training Effect
Map which includes Training Zones (Cardio, Fat Burning etc)

Part 2: Comparison of Pulse Measurements

Today I want to compare tracking of my pulse between Garmin Vivosmart HR+ and Jabra Pulse Sport.
First I am showing how my heartbeat (measured on wrist with Vivosmart) looks like starting at midnight including sleep until end of my mountain bike ride (marked with green bike symbol). Peak was 164 bpm and 140 bpm was average.

Garmin Connect Heart Rate

Here you can see how Jabra Sport Pulse visualizes the pulse which is measured with in-ear headset. Same average pulse (141) and peak (164) measurement and curve looks pretty similar which is my major insight for this test.Minimum pulse is only displayed in Jabra`s App.

Jabra Sport Pulse Heart Rate

More significant differences can be seen when comparing the areas of heartbeat. Jabra`s App (right) offers more areas and visualization is quicker to understand because they use diagrams.

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