Microsoft Teams Barcamp: Preparations, Session Content and Experiences

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By Ragnar Heil

I have recorded this interview with Magnus Rode in German where he sharing insights about preparation efforts, session titles and collected experiences from Germany`s (world?) first Microsoft Teams Unconferencing Barcamp.

  • Preparation Time: 9 virtual Microsoft Teams Calls between August 2019 and January 2020 with 8 people (core orga group)
  • Unconference / Barcamp is a format where all participants can offer and lead sessions at the beginning of the Barcamp. No sponsored sessions, no pre-defined sessions and speakers.
  • Co2 and climate friendly: No travel needed, participants just need Microsoft Teams running on their PCs, MAC, Linux, Android and iOS.
  • 60 participants allowed and registration done by EventBrite to control quality. Sold out within 10 hrs. Waiting list had more than 82
  • Session Titles:
    Microsoft Teams Barcamp Sessions
  • My personal feedback:
    I was impressed how well technology worked. No issues with Audio, Video, Screensharing or Chats. Energy level was very high, so 3 hours were sufficient, I couldn´t keep this high concentration for 8 hours. I was sharing my screen, doing live demos, chatting, talking, moderating, filling up OneNote and controlled my video looking at same time. Barcamp and Microsoft Teams Newbies were bit overwhelmed with this progressive and innovative working style. 30 Minute sessions could be longer, maybe 40 minutes because we needed minimum 5-10 minutes before we could start with content. Energy level was also high because majority of participants were really engaged, had video cam on, delivered great questions and answers, completed our shared OneNote documentation. Channels were used to structure sessions, support technical questions and gather feedback:Microsoft Teams Barcamp Channels

    Now it`s difficult to go back to ordinary business with monologues in classic Webinars. Life is not the same after this Microsoft Teams event.
  • Feedback on Social Media:
    Kathrin Bischoff
    Magnus Rode: Our Learning Journey (English)

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