Deepdive Audio Social Network: Microsoft 365 Hybrid Modern Workplace and MSInspire News

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By Ragnar Heil

July 21th 2021 is going to be a very exciting day when Berlin Startup and Audio Social Network Deepdive is opening their doors and going public with their mobile Apps. I am using their Services since very early private previews days (5th of February 2021) and always liked that they also offer Android Apps from the beginning – unlike Clubhouse. I appreciate their effort to be GDPR compliant and also support their enterprise and business focus – especially with LinkedIn integration.

That`s one of many reasons why I am also supporting their launch event July 21th together with my partner IPI – Digital Workplace Experts (Nadine Schäffer, Felix Gronau):

We are going to talk at 5.30pm CEST about Hybrid Modern Workplace Trends and going to wrap up Microsoft Inspire Conference News and Highlights.

Let`s discuss it together – join us here!

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