Modernizing SharePoint for a better Microsoft Teams experience - Quest TEC 2020 Conference

Modernizing SharePoint for a better Microsoft Teams experience – TEC 2020

my Quest TEC 2020 Session about SharePoint Modernisation

my session “Modernizing SharePoint for a better Microsoft Teams experience” at TEC – The Experts Conference 2020 – sponsored by Quest

Using the new Microsoft 365 cloud collaboration services sounds simple, but in reality modernizing infrastructure is time-consuming, out-of-scope or inefficient. Regardless of your organization’s size or source environment, successfully moving into Microsoft 365 Intelligent Workplace requires industry best practices that’s been tested and proven time and again, especially around pre-and post migration tasks.

It’s by far not enough just to trigger a migration tool. In this session, we’ll reveal insider tips on how to effectively modernize sites, pages, templates and documents libraries from legacy SharePoint Classic into SharePoint Online Modern Experience.

We are going to show you how free modernisation scanner, assessment tools and modernizing scripts from Microsoft can help you.

Session also includes a demo how to use SharePoint Lookbook to embed a Modern SharePoint Site into Microsoft Teams experience.

If you are interested to learn how to migrate SharePoint between different tenants, check out this blogpost.

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